Quesería Pria

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Asturias cheese made from pasteurised cow's, goat's and sheep's milk. Produced in the town of Pría, in the municipality of Llanes, in eastern Asturias, this cheese is classified as a blue cheese made by master cheesemakers at one of the oldest cheese factories in Asturias, founded in 1938.

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This three-milk cheese from Pría is an Asturias cheese made in Pría (Llanes) by one of the leading cheese factories in Asturias, founded in 1938, which also makes the Pría smoked cheese.

This Asturias cheese is classified as a blend of pasteurised cow's (50%), sheep's (40%) and goat's (10%) milk, of medium to mild intensity considering that it is a blue cheese.

Pría three-milk cheese is matured for around 45 days depending on each piece of cheese. It has a natural rind with reddish moulds and flora, semi-hard, buttery and with an easy-to-cut paste, occasional eyes and light blue pigmentations, a result of the penicillium that is added to the milk blend, together with animal rennet and lactic ferments.

The cheese cut is clean and has balanced aromas with predominantly lactic notes and hints of mushrooms and nuts. It has an elastic and creamy texture on the mouth, slightly salty, with a distinctive sharp ending depending on the cheese and always in areas close to the rind. The blend of three milks in this Asturias cheese offers a very pleasant aftertaste in which sheep's and goat's milks predominate due to their greater intensity compared to cow's milk.

This Asturias cheese is a perfect ingredient in fresh salads or to accompany an Asturias cheese board. Also, due to its degree of maturing, it is a perfect Asturias cheese for cooking. Since it is classified as an Asturias cheese made of different types of milks, it adds interesting flavours to the final result of the dish that contains Pría three-milk cheese as an ingredient.


This Pría three-milk blue cheese is presented in approximately 3.5 kg pieces.

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