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14,96 €

Perfect for lovers of sweet flavours and flavours with character, this gift combines three asturian products loaded of personality: grape liqueur cream, black chocolate and blueberries jam.

21,36 €

Gift a tasting for couples plenty of the flavour of Asturias. The pack is thought to two lovers of the artisanal products from Paradise: mussels, deer pâté, chocolate and moonshine grape liqueur.

19,09 €

The perfect gift for lovers of flavours with personality. Combine one of the cheeses with more character, the Casín PDO from Redes, with two products that fit perfectly: the sweet cider liqueur and the wild boar pâté.   Three artisan asturian products to surprise your friends, family or commitments with the taste and scent of Casín cheese and friends.  

15,18 €

Few people can resist a good table talk in company of their loving ones and the best asturian artisan products. However, if the company is a PDO Casín cheese from Redes paired with apple jelly Adán y Eva, the table talk turns into an authentic cheesy experience. Gifting the Cheesy table talk, you are gifting a taste set. The chance of choosing the perfect...

10,91 €

Gift your partner, friends, relatives and commitments an asturian dessert. The perfect present for the White PDO Afuega’l pitu in company of the apple jelly. A perfect combination of flavours to taste the acid and fresh scent of pasteurized cow milk in contrast with the sweetness of the apple. The ideal dessert for the best table talks.  

27,23 €

Perfect for lovers of strong flavours, this set pairs goat milk cheese with grape liqueur Tierra Astur. Two artisanal products with personality.   While the caramel cheese transmits the goatish character and fermented aftertaste, the white grape liqueur reveals a deep taste from the grape in all its essence.  

45,46 €

Gift Crivencar products or Tierra Astur experiences. The gift card has a value of 50€ that it can be redeemed in our Crivencar walking shops or in any of our Tierra Astur cider bars.

42,00 €

When you give Asturias cheeses you are giving a gift of quality, tradition, craftsmanship and economic sustainability... but above all, you're giving away the care and dedication that artisan cheesemakers put into making each product. This Christmas basket presented in a wooden box includes a careful selection of Asturias cheeses.

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