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Authentic Cabrales PDO cheese made from raw cow’s milk in the council of Cabrales in areas bordering the Picos de Europa. Cabrales Cheese is one of the most important blue cheeses in the world and the most renowned Asturias cheese.

Cabrales matures inside caves, which makes moulds grow inside the cheese, giving it a very creamy texture and a very intense taste that can even be hot when it is very mature.

Alimentos del paraíso


Cabrales cheese can be served to start or to close a good meal, either for lunch or for dinner. It perfectly pairs with Asturias cider, with sweet wines or with ice wine or ice ciders.

Cabrales cheese has a long shelf life but preserving it requires having it in the fridge in an airtight container. This way it could last up to a year, but you should know that its taste will be increasingly intense and it will become hotter.

Cabrales cheese is produced in the following villages included in the POD: Arangas, Asiego, Berodia, Bulnes, Camarmeña, Canales, Carreña, Escobal, Inguanzo, La Molina, La Salce, Ortiguero, Pandiello, Puertas, Poo, Sotres and Tielve (in the council of Cabrales); and in Caraves, Oceño and Rozagas  (in the council of Peñamellera Alta).

Once the maturing process in the natural caves in the mountains of Picos de Europa has finished, the Cabrales cheese has a cylinder shape with almost flat sides and is available in different sizes. In all cases, whole pieces are sold wrapped in green paper with the Cabrales POD logo, with the commercial label of the manufacturer and the back label of the POD.

The rind of the cheese is thin, soft, and with yellow-reddish colours. The cheese is creamy and compact, it has a white colour with bluish green colours due to the action of the Penicillium fungus, and it has no holes. It has a creamy texture and its taste is strong, hot, intense and somehow acid. The taste will be hotter if the cheese is made with sheep and goat’s milk, pure or mixed.

It is recommended to leave it at room temperature for about 15-20 minutes before serving.

Store in the refrigerator.


Cabrales PDO cheese is available in three retail formats, all of which are vacuum packed to guarantee the product’s quality at all times.
• 350 g Wedge of Cabrales PDO cheese.
• Between 550-600 g Piece of Cabrales PDO cheese (from Quesera del Cares).
• 2.3 kg Piece of Cabrales PDO cheese.

Gluten free Gluten free
Intensity Strong

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