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Cabrales is a blue cheese that is cured in caves in the Picos de Europa Natural Park, with a production process that obtains an extraordinarily flavoursome and high-quality cheese. Discover the authentic PDO Cabrales Cheese made using traditional artisan techniques from raw cow's milk, or a blend of three or two milks: cow's and goat's. Cabrales PDO Cheese is one of the leading blue cheeses in the world and one of the most-recognised cheese in Asturias.

 Alimentos del paraíso

Cabrales has a long expiry date, although it must be stored in the refrigerator in an airtight container. If stored correctly, it will even last for up to one year. Remember that the flavour becomes sharper and more intense.

Cabrales cheese is matured inside caves, which results in moulds developing inside the cheese that gives it very oily consistency, making its flavour very intense with a distinctive sharp sensation at its peak maturity level.

Cabrales cheese is great as a starter or a finishing dish after a good lunch or dinner. It pairs perfectly with Asturias cider, with dessert wines or wines and ice ciders.

Store in the refrigerator.


This 2.3 kg piece of PDO Cabrales Cheese is vacuum packed to guarantee product quality at all times.

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