About the Asturias products account

  • What is the benefit of having an account on the Asturias products store?

    If you are registered on productosdeasturias.com, you can buy traditional Asturias products, obtain all the necessary information about them and consult catalogues, guides, recipes, etc. From your account management, you can view all your orders, discount coupons, re-order your orders, manage your wish list and addresses. If you are subscribed to our newsletter, you?ll be the first to receive special offers, news and promotions.

  • Can I make purchases as a guest?

    Yes, you can make your purchases in our online store as a guest, but the platform will not store your purchase history, personal data, etc.

How to place an order

  • How do I order?

    Shopping in the online store is easy and secure.

    Just follow these steps:
    1. Select the items you wish to purchase and click the ?Add to Cart? button from the product detail page, or from the product photo category, if you find it more convenient.
    2. Once you?ve filled the cart with the products you want, confirm from the My shopping icon on the top right of the screen and click ?Proceed to checkout?.
    3. Follow the steps requested in the check-out process and choose your preferred payment method.
    You will receive an email confirming your order and all data corresponding thereto. Keep this document because it can be used to query the status of your shipment.

  • How do I order if I am a professional in the hospitality and/or trade sector?

    1. Sign up as a customer from the customer registration form and enter the data requested in the form. You can now shop in our online store with the general conditions of sale.

    2. Click the checkbox ?I am a catering or trade professional and would like to provide further information to this respect. See conditions?.

    3. Your professional status in one of these sectors will be validated and you will receive an email notifying the classification as such.

    4. You can then shop in the online store and benefit from the preferential conditions for this group of customers. For further information, see the conditions of sale (hospitality and/or trade customer conditions)

  • I can make orders under the Special Regime of Equivalence Surcharge?

    Yes, for this on the registration process you only have to check the check "Do you need the application of the equivalence surcharge?". With this, and as long as we do not transfer order against, in all your orders will automatically apply the corresponding taxes by VAT surcharge depending on the tax rate of the products. In the order in the store you can see the total charged as a surcharge; when you receive the invoice along with the merchandise, you can check the different types of surcharge applied depending on the products.¡

    Why is there no shopping cart on some products?

    In our online store some products are available in various sizes or formats. In these cases, you must access the product sheet by clicking on the image and select the product you want to buy from the corresponding menu. As with all other products, we would only include quantity and add to cart.

Product availability

Delivery times

Transport costs


  • Where I can find information about special offers?

    Each product detail page displays the price and, if applicable, the promotions that apply to the particular product.

    There are also special offers in the featured products section on the home page.

    You can also find discount coupons available in your customer profile.

  • How I can redeem a promotional code?

    Once all the products required have been selected and you proceed to the checkout, in the first tab in the check-out process, called 01. Summary, there is a box labelled VOUCHERS.Enter the discount voucher code here and click OK. The amount of the cart will be automatically updated, applying the discount on your coupon. Be sure to copy the exact data from the coupon and that it has not expired.


  • How are products shipped?

    Our products are shipped properly packed at all times to ensure quality of service, and with presentation according to their quality. Also, if the product requires cold logistics it will be sent by the transport agency guaranteeing that the cold chain is not broken.

  • Can I send my order as a gift?

    If you would like to send your order to another person as a gift, enter the full address of the person and provide a phone number where we can reach him/her for delivery. You can manage this data from your private area in the address section.

    When you place the order, on the tab 04. Delivery, check the box ?I would like to send my order as a gift?.

    You can leave a personalised message that will be included on the package for the recipient.

    Sending as a gift does not imply that the order will be wrapped in gift wrap, because during the time of transport to the recipient it is frequent that the manipulation of the package implies the deterioration of the paper, causing a bad image when it is received.

Delivery problems

  • What should I do if my order is delayed?

    Call us on 985 794 215 Monday to Friday, 9 am to 2 pm and 4 pm to 7 pm, and on Saturdays from 8 am to 1 pm to report on the delay of your order. Customer service will check the status of your order and provide a solution as quickly as possible. We apologise for any inconvenience.

Product registration

  • How can I obtain further information about the products in the store?

    You can obtain further information about our products through any of these channels:

    1. Call 985 794 215 during business hours (Monday to Friday, 9 am to 2 pm and 4 pm to 7 pm).
    2. Send an email to info@productosdeasturias.com indicating references or products for which you require further information.
    3. Send an information request via the enquiry form.

    How do I locate a Gluten Free product?

           1. Within each product category, in the left margin you can find the option to filter products by Gluten Free products.
           2. If it is a product without Gluten, in the product sheet you will find this image that will indicate that it is a product suitable for gluten-free diets

Personal data

Payment methods