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The Selección PDO Cabrales Cheese is an Asturias blue cheese made from raw cow's, sheep's and goat's milk from the geographical area of Asturias that is within the area covered by the Cabrales PDO regulatory municipality; the first protected designation of origin constituted in Asturias for a cheese. This is a traditionally-made cheese of great quality...

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Cabrales PDO Cheese is made using traditional artisan techniques with raw cow's milk, three milks, or a blend of cow's and goat's milk. It is one of the finest blue cheeses in the world and undoubtedly the most recognised of Asturian cheeses. Cabrales PDO cheese is cured in caves in the Picos de Europa Natural Park, undergoing a careful production...

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Cabrales PDO cheese is a blue cheese made using artisan techniques with raw cow's, goat's and sheep's milk exclusively from Asturias farms controlled by the Protected Designation of Origin Regulatory Council. Creamy cut and intense flavour, slightly spicy. The secret of its great success lies in its maturing in natural caves in the Los Picos de Europa...

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Auténtico queso Gamoneu DOP, curado y semi-azul. Dependiendo de la época, puede ser elaborado con leche de vaca, de vaca y cabra o de las tres leches. El queso Gamoneu DOP se madura en cuevas naturales de Picos de Europa. Un queso sin duda diferente, de extraordinaria calidad e intenso sabor. Pruébalo!

Quesería La Peral
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The famous La Peral cheese is a semi-blue cheese that is made from pasteurised Friesian cow's milk in the Municipality of Illas, in the central area of Asturias. An Asturias traditionally-made cheese that is surprising due to its delicious flavour and versatility for cooking.

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A 500 g wedge of the famous Pría three-milk blue cheese, made in one of the most historic cheese factories in the region, founded in 1938. The Pría three-milk blue cheese is highly valued as a versatile cheese that is delicious in salads and on cheese boards. It also has a place as an ingredient in cooked dishes as it adds interesting flavours due to the...

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Cabrales is a blue cheese that is cured in caves in the Picos de Europa Natural Park, with a production process that obtains an extraordinarily flavoursome and high-quality cheese. Discover the authentic PDO Cabrales Cheese made using traditional artisan techniques from raw cow's milk, or a blend of three or two milks: cow's and goat's. Cabrales PDO...

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Monje Picón spanish cheese is made from raw cow’s milk in Asturias, exactly Panes, a town located in the council of Peñamellera Baja in Asturias.

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In the eastern part of Asturias, Gamoneu cheese is a mythical cheese. This Gamoneu del Valle cheese is covered under the PDO and matured in caves in the Picos de Europa. Gamoneu (or Gamonedo) cheese is quickly recognisable by its aroma and flavour with clear smoky touches, a result of the cheese-making phase in which high-quality woods are burned....

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La Peral cheese is made from pasteurised Friesian cow's milk and produced in the municipality of Illas. It is an Asturias traditionally-made cheese classified within the semi-blue cheeses, highly valued for its great versatility for cooking with and its delicious flavour.

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Pure blue sheep's milk cheese made by La Peral Cheese Factory. "Peralzola" cheese is an artisan Asturias cheese included within the 'Alimentos del Paraíso Natural' quality seal and is made with the best quality selected sheep's milk. Aesthetically, it is reminiscent of the variety made from cow's milk by the same cheese factory with ivory white colours...

Quesería La Peral
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La Peral cheese is made from pasteurised Friesian cow's milk in the municipality of Illas and belongs to the semi-blue cheeses range. It is highly versatile in cooking and is a special surprise with its delicious flavour. La Peral cheese is a traditionally-made Asturias cheese that can be purchased on the website and shipped to...

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