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Tierra Astur
12,40 €

Extraordinary organic cheese produced in Asturias made from raw cow's milk. A great-quality cheese endorsed by the Asturias Principality Organic Agricultural Production Council (COPAE).

Viuda de Angelón
4,05 €

Organic sparkling cider with a fresh and fruity flavour. The perfect drink to make a toast at parties. 

4,09 €

Sweet Spanish cider, made by pressing, decanting and pasteurising the most obtained from organically grown cider apples. Very sweet and refreshing taste.

2,56 €

Sparkling cider from Asturias organically produced and accredited by COPAE. Asturias products of great quality due to the raw material used in their production, and for the artisan production techniques used to make them.

6,59 €

Handmade organic smoked chorizo sausages.     

3,25 €

Wholemeal spelt flour, 100% organic production. This flour has a high gastronomic value and an intense flavour that is very different from other flours.    

Quesería Ovin
7,90 €

Spanish organic cow’s milk cheese is made from pasteurised cow’s milk in Asturias.

7,32 €

An organic cranberry juice obtained by cold pressing the fruit and then pasteurising the juice to conserve all of its properties. 100% natural and very rich in vitamin C and fibre. Shake before opening.   

3,55 €

Organically produced Asturias cider vinegar certified by the COPAE.

2,40 €

Natural organic cider from Asturias. Perfect to pour at height and enjoy the region's most international drink.

5,68 € 4,83 €

A delicious and original organic spread made with hazelnut and cocoa. A healthy cocoa spread that goes perfectly with toast made from a good rustic bread. A top quality ingredient for children's snacks.   

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