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10,35 €

Diced organic Asturias beef prepared for stewing by our butchers. It is obtained from pieces of exceptional quality chuck steak. A highly versatile cut for preparing a multitude of recipes.

11,50 €

High quality organic Asturias beef cutlets from an organic livestock farm endorsed by the Asturias Principality Organic Agricultural Production Council (COPAE). The cutlets are extracted by hand by specialised butchers.

8,35 €

Organic Asturias Beef Ribs from cattle under 12 months old, certified quality. Very tender and juicy meat, with an exceptional flavour. 

10,75 €

High quality Organic Asturias Beef fillets, obtained from cattle under 12 months old. It is a very tender and flavoursome meat, pink in colour.

7,65 €

Diced Organic Asturias Beef. Perfect to sauté on the grill or to make a good stew. A highly versatile cut that can be used in a multitude of recipes.  

28,00 €

Enjoy authentic Organic Asturias Beef with this pack of fresh meats.This organic beef has a double guarantee seal; it is protected by PGI standards as well as the mandatory standards required for it to display the organic production seal. Two seals with the same commitment. 

3,10 €

Sparkling cider from Asturias organically produced and accredited by COPAE. Asturias products of great quality due to the raw material used in their production, and for the artisan production techniques used to make them.

7,25 €

Handmade organic smoked chorizo sausages.     

Viuda de Angelón
4,90 €

Organic sparkling cider with a fresh and fruity flavour. The perfect drink to make a toast at parties. 

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