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19,95 €

An excellent rib-eye beef fillet, from cuts of beef fillet impeccably selected for Crivencar. The product is obtained from cattle older than 3-4 years.

4,70 €

Exquisite mincemeat prepared in our workshop following the traditional Asturias mince recipe made in the region. This preparation is served fresh, and is also used for filling sausages that are cured to consume throughout the year.

7,50 €

Authentic ASTURIAS PGI veal scallops prepared in our butchery used for traditional Asturias cuisine.

21,95 €

Authentic beef T-bone, of extraordinary quality from animals aged between three and four years. The T-bone is a smooth meat, with extraordinary flavour from the degree of fat infiltration of the meat; very juicy.

3,80 €

Fresh homemade sausages made in our own butchery using a traditional recipe from carefully selected beef and pork, to which paprika and spices are added to achieve a unique flavour and aroma.

22,95 €

A round piece of beef ideal for preparing a traditional Asturias roast recipe; a delicious meal the whole family will enjoy.  

9,35 €

Beef T-bone from prime beef loins of extraordinary quality, ready to eat and enjoy. This red meat is a lean meat with the characteristic grain of these animals that give the product an intense flavour.

18,70 €

Asturias PGI beef ribs prepared in strips in our butchery, ideal for cooking on the grill or barbeque.

5,50 €

Marinated pork loin, prepared using traditional artisan methods in our butchery from whole pieces of fresh loin that are marinated and then cut into fillets ready to serve grilled.

11,55 €

Asturias PGI beef especially prepared for stewing by our specialist butchers. The part of the meat obtained for stewing is the chuck and shoulder parts of exceptional quality beef.

25,00 €

Pack of high-quality Asturias meats, prepared in special cuts for cooking on the grill or barbecue. The quantity of product for sharing between four people.

15,95 €

Asturias PGI beef T-bone steaks of excellent quality, obtained from animals slaughtered before the age of twelve months. A good thickness to prepare on the grill or barbecue, with a side of chips, roast peppers, salad, and salt to taste.

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Crivencar has its own butchery in which expert butchers prepare all the pieces to obtain the best cuts. Authentic Asturias Beef PGI, a careful selection of red meats from prime cattle, and our own range of prepared meats are available in our online store, The butchery is just a mouse-click away with a total guarantee of quality and freshness, with cold transport service.