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Llagar Fonciello
11,20 €

High quality Spanish cider, made with 22 varieties of native apple. The pack contains two bottles of Asturias cider, a traditional cider glass and a stopper for easy pouring.  

El Gaitero
5,65 €

 Foamy cider made with Asturias apples. This is a natural cider made from a mixture of typically Asturias apples such as Teórica, Raxao, Perico and Regona.

Tierra Astur
16,80 €

A perfect pack of two 70 cl cider bottles and a printed glass. Tierra Astur PDO cider from Asturias is made with apples from the 76 varieties listed by the Cider Regulatory Council as the best ones for making this drink.

7,50 €

Brut nature cider made by Llagar Trabanco with 100% Asturias apple, harvested from its own plantations, and protected by the Asturias Cider PDO.

Llagar Fonciello
18,90 €

Asturias cider PDO produced by Llagar Fonciello from 22 different varieties of Asturias apples.

Tierra Astur
19,50 €

Tierra Astur PDO cider from Asturias is made from selected apples and endorsed by the Cider Regulatory Council. Tierra Astur PDO cider from Asturias is best served poured at height and is ideal for accompanying almost any good Asturias cuisine dish.  

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