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39,00 €

Block of traditionally cooked beef tripe with ham and chorizo. Perfect to use in restauration making the best profit of the product, as you can use the portion you need in every moment, and the rest stays refrigerated.

5,95 €

Pack of two beef burgers made using traditional artisan techniques in our butchery, from Asturias PGI beef (70%), fresh ham (30%), garlic and egg.

5,50 €

Exquisite mincemeat prepared in our workshop following the traditional Spanish mince recipe made in the region. This preparation is served fresh, and is also used for filling sausages that are cured to consume throughout the year.

5,80 €

Fresh homemade sausages made in our own butchery using a traditional recipe from carefully selected beef and pork, to which paprika and spices are added to achieve a unique flavour and aroma.

6,95 €

Marinated pork loin, prepared using traditional artisan methods in our butchery from whole pieces of fresh loin that are marinated and then cut into fillets ready to serve grilled.

30,00 €

Pack of high-quality Asturias meats, prepared in special cuts for cooking on the grill or barbecue. The quantity of product for sharing between four people.

5,90 €

Fresh sausage typical of Spain, widely cooked whole on the grill. It can also be enjoyed roasted or fried.

4,50 €

Traditional black sausage with onion ideal for preparing on the grill or barbecue and served with garnish of chips and/or salad.

6,90 €

Emberzao black sausage is a traditional Spanish fresh sausage, from Northern Spain, similar to black sausage, but cornmeal is added. The sausage is lightly cooked and wrapped in a cabbage leaf.

5,00 €

A white pork sausage, very typical of the city of Avilés in Northern Spain, made using traditional artisan methods with a careful selection of pork and spices, stuffed into natural casing.

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