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Monasterio de Corias
10,41 €

Asturias free-run rosé wine made by the renowned winery Monasterio de Corias. Not covered by the PDO Vinos de Cangas, this free-run rosé wine is produced from Carrasquín grapes following a careful production process that guarantees a high quality product. A rosé wine made using all of Monasterio de Corias winery's viticulture experience.

9,55 €

This Cangas Lucía wine is made by the Vitheras winery pursuant to the Protected Designation of Origin standards, although rosé wines do not carry the distinction at this time.It is a brightly coloured rosé wine with distinctive pink floral notes that accompany its intense red fruit bouquet. It is pleasant and smooth on the mouth with a refreshing acidity...

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