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El Horreo
2,15 €

Spanish chorizo sausage Sabadiego, with a sensational flavour and aromas, a similar appearance to Spanish black sausage, and even a flavour reminiscent of this sausage.

2,85 €

Excellent Spanish salted, boned and cured pancetta bacon.

2,90 €

Emberzao black sausage is a traditional Spanish fresh sausage, from Northern Spain, similar to black sausage, but cornmeal is added. The sausage is lightly cooked and wrapped in a cabbage leaf.

3,00 €

Traditional black sausage with onion ideal for preparing on the grill or barbecue and served with garnish of chips and/or salad.

3,25 €

Spanish salted ham from the front legs of the pig. A rich ingredient to flavour stews of potatoes, beans, chick peas, etc. It can also be broiled, baked or braised with a touch of hot sweet paprika, accompanied by hot boiled potatoes.

3,30 €

A white pork sausage, very typical of the city of Avilés in Northern Spain, made using traditional artisan methods with a careful selection of pork and spices, stuffed into natural casing.

3,60 €

Supreme quality and totally natural Crivencar cured beef cecina presented in slices for easy serving. It is obtained from the hind quarters of cows over five years old and is made using a traditional process of salting, washing, smoking and curing outdoors for a minimum of eight months.

3,75 €

Spanish sausage made from ostrich meat, lean pork, Iberian bacon, salt and spices. The low concentration of fat in the ostrich meat (2 g per 100 g) means that it has fewer calories than other meats, as well as less cholesterol.

3,85 €

Fine and exquisite slices of Asturcelta cured pork chorizo sausage​. A different chorizo sausage ​​due to its flavour and texture, thanks to the high quality of the raw material used to make it.

3,85 €

Exquisite Asturcelta cured pork sausage, which is presented sliced ​​for easy serving. The product's flavours have nuances characteristic of the healthy feeding of the animals from which it is obtained. A gourmet charcuterie cut to present on your table.

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Tierra Astur
4,20 €

Pack of two traditional Spanish chorizo and blood sausages of great taste and quality.Ideal for making casseroles, stews and your favourite recipes; the amount of product is suitable for 6 to 8 people.

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Tierra Astur
4,35 €

Asturias black sausage (north of Spain) premium quality, made with the traditional recipe that includes pork fat, blood, onion, paprika and salt.

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The highest quality artisan-made charcuterie products continue to be those derived from pork: sausages, black sausages and slices used as charcuterie cuts for hot pots, stews and casseroles; others are more specialised such as the Chosco de Tineo cured meat and the Sabadiego de Noreña chorizo sausage. Crivencar markets and distributes all types of traditional sausages from Spain along with more innovative products such as game sausages, which are available in the online store with an absolute guarantee of quality.