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24,95 €

Tray of typical Spanish charcuterie with five varieties of high-quality products.Ideal as a first course on any lunch, dinner or snack menu and the perfect quantity for four people

4,50 €

Traditional black sausage with onion ideal for preparing on the grill or barbecue and served with garnish of chips and/or salad.

6,90 €

Emberzao black sausage is a traditional Spanish fresh sausage, from Northern Spain, similar to black sausage, but cornmeal is added. The sausage is lightly cooked and wrapped in a cabbage leaf.

Tierra Astur
6,85 €

Spanish longaniza sausage, home-made using the traditional formula with a mixture of lean pork and beef, which has a minimum percentage of jaw (bacon) in order to guarantee that it is always an exquisite product. The light smoking process gives this sausage an excellent flavour and aroma.

Tierra Astur
6,00 €

Excellent cured Spanish sausage made from beef, lean pork, Iberian bacon, salt and spices. Traditionally prepared using top quality ingredients.

Tierra Astur
5,00 €

An excellent Spanish chorizo sausage made from beef, lean pork, Iberian bacon, paprika, garlic, parsley, salt and spices.

La Aldea
12,50 €

An exquisite and traditional Spanish smoked pork sausage, made with pork loin and pork tongue, seasoned with salt, paprika and garlic. Its irregular shape is due to it being made traditionally using artisan techniques.

El Horreo
2,60 €

Spanish chorizo sausage Sabadiego, with a sensational flavour and aromas, a similar appearance to Spanish black sausage, and even a flavour reminiscent of this sausage.

Tierra Astur
63,00 €

Excellent prime cured pork loin, selected by Tierra Astur, in approximately 1.8 kg pieces. It is perfect for catering and for selling sliced at the butchers counter. Smoked with hardwoods to obtain a cured loin with an extraordinary taste.

La Aldea
45,15 €

Excellent boneless pancetta bacon, salted and cured, 4-4.5 kg.

10,90 €

Bienastur mature beef longaniza sausage made from lean mature Asturias beef, pork and La Vera paprika. The mixture is smoked with oak wood and filled in natural casing. The resulting product is an exquisitely flavoured and unique, quality sausage that is perfect to serve as an appetiser or on a charcuterie board.

5,00 €

A white pork sausage, very typical of the city of Avilés in Northern Spain, made using traditional artisan methods with a careful selection of pork and spices, stuffed into natural casing.

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