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La Polar
3,60 €

Because in Spanish cuisine is not all tradition, but also innovation and new trends, surprise yourself with the intense flavor of these seaweeds that you can use in scrambles and other recipes of pasta or fish to intensify their flavor to the sea.

19,90 €

Spanish elver eels in olive oil, fished from Spanish rivers

3,55 €

Authentic natural periwinkles packaged in water and salt, ideal as a tapa or aperitif, very standardized consumption in Asturias. It is common to find periwinkles in the bars of traditional Asturian sourdens that are enjoyed simply boiled accompanied by a good natural cider

40,50 €

Authentic Albacore tuna extracted from high quality pieces and conserved in cans with olive oil and salt. A traditional canned fish of unrivalled quality, ideal to accompany delicious salads and pasta, or to enjoy on its own seasoned with a little salt and a dash of vinegar.

Tierra Astur
11,80 €

Spanish albacore tuna in olive oil is extracted from a careful selection of Albacore tuna, then preserved in olive oil and salt, creating a unique Spanish product.

3,50 €

Made from the top part of the tuna, the top fillets are one of the juiciest and most delicious parts of this fish, which is preserved in spanish olive oil and salt.

6,90 €

Authentic Cantabrian Sea anchovies carefully selected and worked manually for fillet presentation.

3,30 €

Exclusive hake roe packaged in spanish olive oil and salt, without additives.

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La Polar
2,15 €

Marinated, premium-size Spanish mussels. The product includes 4-6 mussels.

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La Polar
6,50 €

Authentic Albacore tuna belly carefully selected and canned in olive oil and salt.

7,20 €

Authentic belly of northern bonito packaged in olive oil and salt. The ventresca is selected by expert hands of the Asturian canning company Conservas Agromar, thus guaranteeing the quality of all the packaged pieces.

La Polar
2,55 €

An authentic Spanish dish of scallops in seafood sauce made using traditional artisan methods. The scallops are first cleaned to remove any impurities so that customers can enjoy a product of exceptional quality.

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