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Monasterio de Corias
12,50 €

This young white Spanish wine PDO Cangas from albarín white grapes has an intense, fruity aroma.    

11,00 €

This Cangas Lucía wine is made by the Vitheras winery pursuant to the Protected Designation of Origin standards, although rosé wines do not carry the distinction at this time.It is a brightly coloured rosé wine with distinctive pink floral notes that accompany its intense red fruit bouquet. It is pleasant and smooth on the mouth with a refreshing acidity...

13,80 €

Cangas PDO wine made by the Vitheras winery in Cangas del Narcea from the white Albarín grape, one of the varieties of this wine-growing area. The production of this wine variety is limited to just 10,000 bottles.This is a pale yellow, clean and sparkling wine. It has a great aromatic intensity in which fresh fruit, citrus fruits and herbal notes...

11,73 €

From the new plantations on the slopes of the Cangas mountains, an exceptional white wine with the Cangas Protected Designation of Origin and a very limited production.

Bodega Vidas
9,95 €

PDO Cangas Spanish red wine, with a distinct Atlantic character and made from native grape varieties adapted to the harsh conditions of mountain viticulture: black albarín, carrasquín, black verdejo and mencía.

18,00 €

Single variety red wine (albarín negro) from the Cangas PDO.

18,00 €

Single variety red wine (verdejo negro) from the Cangas PDO

Monasterio de Corias
16,80 €

PDO Cangas Spanish red crianza wine from the black verdejo and carrasquín varieties from vineyards registered in the official DOP Cangas wine registry and refined for eight months in French oak barrels.  

15,50 €

Exclusive Cangas PDO red wine made by Bodegas Antón Chicote in Cangas del Narcea.   

Monasterio de Corias
16,80 €

PDO Cangas Spanish wine made from albarín white grapes and fermented and aged on its lees in French oak barrels for three months. Fruity and aromatic body, long on the mouth.

12,20 €

Coming from century-old vineyards, the PDO Cangas La Verdea red wine stands out for its character and personality on the palate.

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