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A beef cut that is very similar to the T-bone, obtained from the animal’s ribs, tender and juicy. Ideal for grilling or pan frying with a touch of coarse salt, beef short ribs are sold in approximately half kilo pieces.

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Try an authentic Asturias cordon bleu. If you are a lover of traditional flavours this is a dish for you. Asturias PGI beef, filled with the finest Serrano ham and Tres Oscos cheese. Now you can also buy it already breaded, so all you have to do is fry it in a pan. 

6,50 €

Take home a delicious cordon bleu filled with cured beef cecina and goat's milk cheese. Ideal for those who love unique flavours, this special cured beef cecina and goat's milk cheese cordon bleu is made from Asturias PGI beef; making it tender, juicy and very special. Take home this special cured beef cecina and goat's milk cheese cordon bleu; all you...

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Spanish beef T-bone Asturias PGI steaks of excellent quality, obtained from animals slaughtered before the age of twelve months. A good thickness to prepare on the grill or barbecue, with a side of chips, roast peppers, salad, and salt to taste.

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Authentic Spanish veal scallops Asturias PGI prepared in our butchery used for traditional Spanish cuisine.

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ASTURIAS PGI diced beef obtained from high-quality, lean animal pieces, in an ideal size for sautéing on the grill or in a pan. Very flavoursome and tender.

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Delicious Asturias cordon bleu made from beef and filled with serrano ham and Gamoneu cheese. A unique cordon bleu for those who want something out of the ordinary; an evolution of this dish made from a cheese that has character and distinctive smoky notes.

7,70 €

Asturias Beef sirloin butchered by Productos de Asturias master butchers and from animals of Asturias breeds, born, raised and butchered in the principality.

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 Spanish beef ribs Asturias PGIprepared in strips in our butchery, ideal for cooking on the grill or barbeque.

7,95 €

Asturias beef steak with top quality PGI, perfect for grilling or barbecuing with a light touch of coarse salt and serving with your favourite side dish. Obtained from calves less than twelve months old. <

8,00 €

Enjoy one of the most popular dishes of Asturias cuisine; the classic cordon bleu filled with serrano ham and Tres Oscos cow’s milk cheese. These cordon bleus are made from the finest Asturias PGI beef and are prepared by expert butchers.  

8,90 € -10% 8,01 €

Pack of two authentic spanish veal cordon bleu filled with cured beef cecina and goat’s cheese, made with raw materials of the highest quality. In this version of cordon bleu, the traditional serrano ham and cow’s cheese is replaced by two products that provide a filling of exquisite and intense flavour.

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