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1,87 €

Sparkling spanish cider made from carefully selected apples, with a sweet taste and fruity aroma.

1,92 €

A frothy pink spanish cider with a refreshing, sweet taste and fruity aroma, perfect with all kinds of rice, meat, fish and seafood. The pink colour is from the apple skins.

El Gaitero
2,40 €

An alcoholic and sparkling drink made from apples.

2,64 €

A fresh and fruity sparkling cider with a sweet taste and low alcohol. Pale yellow with a green background, and aroma of green apple on clean wood.

El Gaitero
3,00 €

Sidra El Gaitero, a leading Asturias cider company, makes its El Gaitero sparkling cider using traditional methods with a diverse and rich mixture of Asturias apple varieties.

3,08 €

Sparkling cider made with carefully selected Spanish apples, and fermented in a chestnut barrel.

4,12 €

A sparkling cider, with fine and persistent bubbles, sweet and refreshing taste, ideal for toasts at all kinds of celebrations. This sparkling cider also accompanies all kinds of meats, seafood, and even desserts.

Viuda de Angelón
5,39 €

Brut cider made with Spanish cider apple varieties, ideal for enjoying on their own, or as an accompaniment to fish, seafood and desserts. 100% natural cider, no preservatives or additives.

7,58 €

Brut nature cider made by Llagar Trabanco with 100% Asturias apple, harvested from its own plantations, and protected by the Asturias Cider PDO.

14,85 €

‘Diamantes de Hielo’ cider is made in the Viuda de Angelón winepresses, with most from 100% Spanish apple, collected from its own plantations, through a double-fermentation method.

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