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6,53 €

Brut nature cider made by Llagar Trabanco with 100% Asturias apple, harvested from its own plantations, and protected by the Asturias Cider PDO.

2,56 €

Sparkling cider from Asturias organically produced and accredited by COPAE. Asturias products of great quality due to the raw material used in their production, and for the artisan production techniques used to make them.

El Gaitero
4,67 €

 Foamy cider made with Asturias apples. This is a natural cider made from a mixture of typically Asturias apples such as Teórica, Raxao, Perico and Regona.

Viuda de Angelón
4,05 €

Organic sparkling cider with a fresh and fruity flavour. The perfect drink to make a toast at parties. 

2,27 €

A fresh and fruity sparkling cider with a sweet taste and low alcohol. Pale yellow with a green background, and aroma of green apple on clean wood.

3,68 €

Brut cider made by Sidra Trabanco from a selection of very ripe apples fermented at low temperature in chestnut barrels. An ideal drink to accompany snacks, garden produce and desserts.

Viuda de Angelón
11,94 €

‘Diamantes de Hielo’ cider is made in the Viuda de Angelón winepresses, with most from 100% Spanish apple, collected from its own plantations, through a double-fermentation method.

Llagar de Muñiz
9,05 €

Brut cider made with Asturias cider apple varieties. Perfect for pairing with fish, shellfish or desserts, as well as to enjoy on its own.

5,21 €

Fresh cider with sparkling bubbles, soft, thin and very balanced. Perfect to accompany light meals, seafood, cheeses or to enjoy on its own with appetisers or with a good meal. Made from carefully selected Asturias apples.

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