Spanish ham and bacon  

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3,60 €

Supreme quality and totally natural Crivencar cured beef cecina presented in slices for easy serving. It is obtained from the hind quarters of cows over five years old and is made using a traditional process of salting, washing, smoking and curing outdoors for a minimum of eight months.

9,90 €

Spanish cured beef cured naturally in the cold and open air, lightly smoked, and with a great intensity of flavour and aroma.

25,00 €

Excellent Spanish beef cured "cecina"  naturally in cold air, lightly smoked and with a great personality in the flavours.

Tierra del Artesano
85,00 €

Excellent spanish ham cured naturally and made especially for Crivencar, from carefully selected hams. The hams, once salted, are cured for more than six months in the cellar.

93,45 €

Serrano ham selected by Crivencar for its quality as “ham selection of the house”, with natural curing for over a year, and lightly smoked, resulting in a delicious, juicy flavour that is not salty.

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