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Molín del Nora
12,10 €

Exotic combination made from a traditional mojito recipe, enhanced with the special flavour of pomace brandy and ready to chill and enjoy.

14,85 €

The first spanish cider vermouth made with natural Spanish cider, and aged three months in a barrel. A beverage with citrus flavours from the apple and characteristic acidity of natural cider.

Llagar de Bernueces
3,15 €

A refreshing drink made from cider, similar to wine sangria. Serve very cold in a pitcher with plenty of ice and slices of apple.

3,90 €

Sweet Spanish cider, made by pressing, decanting and pasteurising the most obtained from organically grown cider apples. Very sweet and refreshing taste.

Llagar Fonciello
1,40 €

A brut spanish cider made from a careful blend of apples seeking a balance between sweet and sour. It should be served very cold, so that it is refreshing, and perfect to enjoy at any time.

1,40 €

A sparkling cider in a small bottle, 100% natural, made from bitter, sour and sweet apples harvested by Trabanco from its own plantations. Fermented in chestnut barrels, it has a pale yellow and old gold colour.

Molín del Nora
1,50 €

An Spanish beer, blonde, light and very refreshing. It is a German-style aromatic beer that is best served at a temperature of between 4-6°C.

3,55 €

Spanish vinegar made from the juice and most of different varieties of apples harvested in Asturias (Spain).

3,55 €

A Spanish vinegar made from selected mosts fermented in barrels, with quality aging that make this vinegar a product rich in flavour with a pleasant bittersweet taste.

1,40 €

Spanish cider vinegar produced using a natural process of transforming raw materials into vinegar, after a rest period of at least four years in traditional chestnut barrels. With an acid flavour, it has a wood-base aroma.

12,95 €

Semi-dry aperitif made with natural Spanish cider.

3,55 €

Spanish vinegar made from apples and cider from Asturias, rested in oak barrels for eight months, which gives the vinegar a more intense and rich fruit and wood flavour.

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