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Productosdeasturias.com is an online store specialising in the sale of typical Asturias products. Traditional products made from raw materials of the highest quality, so that you can enjoy the finest Asturias cuisine anytime and anywhere.

TheProductosdeasturias.compurchasing department selects the best products from each supplier; gourmet quality products, offering the traditional flavours of the finest Asturias cuisine, and made using processes that combine tradition and new technologies.

Productosdeasturias.com offers a wide range of Asturias products such as the famous Cabrales cheese and Gamoneu cheese; authentic Asturias beans and bean stew ready to serve; Asturias cider for pouring and traditional liqueurs from Asturias; ?casadielles? pastry fritters, ?carajitos? hazelnut biscuits and milk rice pudding of extraordinary quality and delicious flavour; charcuterie cuts for traditional Asturias bean stews (chorizo sausage, black sausage, shoulder ham, etc.); pâtés reminiscent of all the flavours of the sea and the mountains; wines from Cangas; the finest quality Asturias beef from cattle grazing in green fields... traditional products that are deeply rooted and extensively renowned in the region.

There are also other excellent products such as Casín cheese, La Peral cheese and Príasmoked cheese, green verdina beans, ideal for making seafood dishes; new-generation ciders such as the famous DOP Poma Aurea cider from the Trabanco winepresses; exquisite gourmet chocolates, homemade jam and honey; canned goods made with products from the Cantabrian Sea (Albacore tuna, anchovies in oil, mussels, etc.); game sausages, cured beef cecina and serrano ham; and of course, the popular veal schnitzels. And a long list of products that we hope are to your complete satisfaction.

Behind productosdeasturias.com is the Asturias distribution company Crivencar, which was founded in 1982 by two partners who, with great effort and dedication, succeeded in recovering a myriad of Asturias artisan-made products that were about to disappear. Since then and until today, the company has grown exponentially to become the first Asturias product distributor.

Crivencar has a network of its own shops in Oviedo aimed at the end consumer, and is the owner of the Sidrerías Tierra Astur cider bar chain, which offers a large range of the products marketed by Crivencar, on the menu and in the shops that are inside the cider bars.

Crivencar is the exclusive distributor of the Tierra Astur range of gourmet products, which are made with strict quality standards to guarantee a product of unrivalled quality at a very competitive price.

It also has its own butcher?s shop where the pre-selected cattle are processed in a traditional way, all protected by the Asturias Beef PGI brand, to offer the best meat cuts worthy of the classic local butchers.

Crivencar?s logistic centre, in Colloto (Asturias) occupies an area of more than 1,800 square metres, where more than six hundred artisan products from regional manufacturers and producers are stored and managed, culminating a network of close collaboration that brings the finest Asturias products directly from the fields and the sea to your table.

Find your favourite products at productosdeasturias.com and be surprised by the extensive range, which you can buy simply, securely and with a total return guarantee. Productosdeasturias.com will be happy to solve all your doubts and questions. Our experience and know how will be your ally in your kitchen and at your table.

Thank you for placing your trust in productosdeasturias.com products.