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Yantar de Pepe
3,95 €

A rich Asturias hotpot made using artisan techniques with “farm beans”, water, cabbage, bacon, chorizo sausage, black sausage, pork, potatoes, olive oil, pepper and salt. A very traditional Spanish dish.

La Polar
3,95 €

Real green cabbage, selected and in a natural preserve so you can add it to your Asturias and traditional bean stews. Withan exclusive quality, it can be used in many dishes when cooking, from creams and soups or to chickpea stews with cod or clams.

4,10 €

Premium Asturias beans, prepared using artisan methods with asturias wild boar meat and a sauce of onion, garlic, olive oil, white wine, spices, salt and saffron. No additives or preservatives.

4,10 €

Beans with clams is a delicious recipe from Spanish cuisine, prepared with special beans from the farm combined with clams, onion, garlic, olive oil, white wine, tomato, pepper, parsley, saffron and salt. No additives.

Yantar de Pepe
4,50 €

Ready-to-serve Asturias fabada bean stew made with Asturias PGI beans

Yantar de Pepe
4,95 €

Beans with seafood is a Spanish seafood dish cooked with beans with the “Faba Asturiana” PGI seal; an exquisite selection of products from the Cantabrian Sea (velvet crabs and prawns), thus combining the best raw materials from the land and the sea. They are seasoned with white wine, surimi and salt, among other ingredients.

Yantar de Pepe
4,95 €

Beans with calamari is a Spanish dish cooked following the traditional recipe, using Faba Asturiana PGI beans, calamari, onion, olive oil, water, salt, white wine, squid ink, paprika, saffron, parsley and spices. No additives or preservatives.

Tierra Astur
5,50 € 6,90 €

Tierra Astur Asturias bean stew made with authentic beans covered by the PGI Asturias Beans quality seal, accompanied by chacuterie cuts of the highest quality, and seasoned with the finest ingredients.

5,65 €

A bean and seafood stew made from different types of rockfish and octopus of the highest quality.

5,75 €

Traditional Spanish dish of ‘verdinas’ green beans with seafood (clams and prawns), seasoned with delicious smoked rockfish, tomato, olive oil, cornstarch, garlic, salt and spices. No preservatives or additives.

Tierra del Artesano
6,50 €

Asturias hotpot is one of the most typical Spanish stews. In this product, Tierra del Artesano offers an exquisite Asturias hotpot made with farm beans, cabbage, potato and top quality chacuterie cuts.

7,15 €

Green beans with king prawns is a Spanish recipe cooked using traditional artisan methods with high-quality spanish green beans, cooked with prawns, scarlet shrimp, onion, white wine, food colouring and salt.

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