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1,35 €

A traditional rice dessert made from fresh pasteurised cow’s milk, sugar, rice, cinnamon, lemon, anise and salt, and no kind of additive. Produced using traditional artisan techniques.

1,65 €

Delicious spanish rice pudding dessert made from fresh pasteurised cow’s milk, sugar, rice, cinnamon, lemon, anise and salt.

1,90 €

Pastries made using traditional artisan methods in the traditional asturias biscuits bun recipe: flour, sugar, egg yolks, cooked butter and lemon zest.

La Luarquesa
2,75 €

Suspiros de Luarca (Whispers of Luarca) made by the renowned La Luarquesa confectioner. These pastries are perfect to accompany a good coffee or as a sweet touch to a good meal. La Luarquesa is recognised by its clientele for making all its products with no added preservatives or colour agents, a guarantee of its traditionally-made, healthy and delicious...

3,00 €

“Tejeiro” Spanish heavenly custard is a traditional spanish dessert that is prepared according to a traditional recipe with egg yolk and caramelised sugar.

Puente Romano
3,47 €

A delicious artisan sweet, made with wheat flour, powdered sugar and inverted sugar, vegetable fat, almonds, and liquid egg.

Suspiros del Nalón
4,15 €

Soft and delicious artisan pastries made entirely by hand with eggs, butter, margarine, sugar, and wheat flour following a traditional recipe.

4,30 €

Sweet pastry made from wheat flour, butter, margarine, sugar, egg whites, almonds and salt, typical of Spain. It is coated in a thin layer of icing sugar and almonds, resulting in a delicious crunch in every bite.

4,60 €

Wholemeal spelt flour, 100% organic production. This flour has a high gastronomic value and an intense flavour that is very different from other flours.    

Suspiros del Nalón
4,95 €

Delicious pastry biscuits made entirely using artisan methods according to family tradition, made from almonds, flour, eggs, sugar and butter. Ideal for any time of day, either with a good cup of milk for spanish breakfast or as a dessert.

Tierra Astur
4,95 €

Assorted biscuits made with a mixture of hazelnuts, walnuts and chestnuts harvested from Spanish forests.

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Tierra Astur
4,95 €

Classic Asturias donuts flavoured with anise and made using traditional artisan techniques. Ideal for dessert and to accompany your coffees and infusions.

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