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1,65 €

Delicious spanish rice pudding dessert made from fresh pasteurised cow’s milk, sugar, rice, cinnamon, lemon, anise and salt.

1,87 €

Pastries made using traditional artisan methods in the traditional asturias biscuits bun recipe: flour, sugar, egg yolks, cooked butter and lemon zest.

La Collotense
2,50 €

Traditional-recipe apple jelly made with sugar, with an intense sugared-apple flavour. No additives or preservatives. Minimum fruit content: 50%.

2,75 €

Exquisite craft marzipan of supreme quality made by the well-known Asturian company Productos Blanco.

La Collotense
2,75 €

Sweet Asturias quince jam made using artisan techniques using the finest raw material: quinces in their natural state, ripe and soft to the touch. The quince is low in sugar and prepared as a jam it is perfect to go with your snacks, your cheese platters or for baking.

2,95 €

“Tejeiro” Spanish heavenly custard is a traditional spanish dessert that is prepared according to a traditional recipe with egg yolk and caramelised sugar.

3,25 €

Delicious chocolate artisan shortbread cookie of the famous Asturian company Blanco.

Tierra Astur
3,25 €

Spanish peach jam is made using a type of peach that is native to Asturias; small in size but with extraordinary flavour.

Tierra Astur
3,25 €

A jam made using artisan techniques, different and unique, with apples and raisins in a balanced blend, and with the right flavour between the acidity of apple and the sweetness of the raisins and the sugar.

Puente Romano
3,47 €

A delicious artisan sweet, made with wheat flour, powdered sugar and inverted sugar, vegetable fat, almonds, and liquid egg.

Tierra Astur
3,85 €

Cranberry jam made using traditional artisan methods for Tierra Astur. A natural product, free from allergens, with the intense and characteristic cranberry flavour with an acidic touch.

La Puela
4,95 €

Honey from the nectar of heather, bramble and chestnut tree flowers in native forests.

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In Spain we have a sweet tooth. From the finest dried nuts of the Spanish forests (walnuts, hazelnuts, chestnuts, etc.) sweets such as casadiellas, carajitos and all kinds of artisan pastries and confectionery are made. Apple, blueberry and piescu plum jams are made from the best fruit in the orchards. Spanish honey is famous due to the quality of the country’s mountains. The entire range of confectionery and sweets that Crivencar distributes is available online at