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Tierra Astur
1,00 €

Pour cider conveniently at your table with this traditional pouring stopper. Its preparation helps oxygenation for better pouring cider and taste.

Llagar Fonciello
1,40 €

A brut spanish cider made from a careful blend of apples seeking a balance between sweet and sour. It should be served very cold, so that it is refreshing, and perfect to enjoy at any time.

1,40 €

A sparkling cider in a small bottle, 100% natural, made from bitter, sour and sweet apples harvested by Trabanco from its own plantations. Fermented in chestnut barrels, it has a pale yellow and old gold colour.

Molín del Nora
1,50 €

An Spanish beer, blonde, light and very refreshing. It is a German-style aromatic beer that is best served at a temperature of between 4-6°C.

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1,90 €

Vinegar elaborated with natural cider in Asturias, of ecological production endorsed by the COPAE.

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1,95 €

Sparkling spanish cider made from carefully selected apples, with a sweet taste and fruity aroma.

1,95 €

A frothy pink spanish cider with a refreshing, sweet taste and fruity aroma, perfect with all kinds of rice, meat, fish and seafood. The pink colour is from the apple skins.

El Gaitero
2,15 €

An alcoholic and sparkling drink made from apples.

2,50 €

An Asturian beer, blonde, light and very refreshing.

2,75 €

A fresh and fruity sparkling cider with a sweet taste and low alcohol. Pale yellow with a green background, and aroma of green apple on clean wood.

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Natural cider made in Asturias is, in addition to being an Asturias drink, the highest cultural representation of the Asturias ‘chigres’ (cider bars). Also, Asturias is the only region in Spain where natural cider is served by the art of pouring at height. But to talk about cider is also to talk about new ciders. Brut, ice and frost ciders, flat ciders, etc., Crivencar offers all these in its online store: