"Peralzola" pure blue sheep's milk cheese


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Pure blue sheep's milk cheese made by La Peral Cheese Factory. "Peralzola" cheese is an artisan Asturias cheese included within the 'Alimentos del Paraíso Natural' quality seal and is made with the best quality selected sheep's milk. Aesthetically, it is reminiscent of the variety made from cow's milk by the same cheese factory with ivory white colours combined with blue veins as a result of maturing in a natural cellar.

The Peralzola pure blue sheep's milk cheese is vacuum packed in wedges of approximately 500 g.


Peralzola cheese is made entirely from carefully-selected milk from sheep raised in Asturias and is the only blue cheese made 100% with this type of milk. Its intense and slightly spicy flavour makes it a very special cheese worthy of including on your best cheese boards. Lesser known to the general public than the cheese from the same La Peral cheese factory made from cow's milk, Peralzola cheese is rich in flavours and aromas obtained from its cellar maturing, which makes it a very balanced cheese.

Once opened, it should be kept in the refrigerator.

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