Tierra Astur

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Authentic, premium-quality smoked chorizo sausages from Asturias (Spain) cooked in natural cider.  Add surprise to your appetisers and tapas with one of the famous products of Asturias cider houses, typically served with all meals. Ready to heat and enjoy in typical Spanish gastronomy dishes, sufficient for two people.

Chorizo sausage in cider is one of the most typical dishes of Spanish cuisine. It combines the unique flavour of natural cider with authentic homemade chorizo sausages of extraordinary quality and made in Spain.

This product is a gluten-free cooked dish that is present in any traditional food and that can be enjoyed at home thanks to, which guarantees the quality of a large selection of gourmet preserves. It can be served as a starter for an informal lunch or dinner.

Tierra Astur chorizo sausage in cider is made with traditionally made choricino mini sausages that are smoked with natural wood. This process adds unique and delicious nuances to the character of a chorizo sausage. The chorizo sausage is then added to the natural cider and cooked on a low heat until the two ingredients bind in their flavours.

It is recommended to heat the product in a bain-marie, a microwave oven or on a low heat and serve in a clay pot or long dish.


Tierra Astur choricino mini sausages in cider are packaged in an easy-open 200 g can.

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