Tierra Astur

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Authentic smoked cow’s milk cheese, produced exclusively for Tierra Astur in block format. This smoked cow’s milk cheese is very aromatic, and its flavour is smooth, with a slightly smoky touch derived from the smoking process with noble woods. The block format of this smoked cheese guarantees optimum product yield.

Within its range of block cheeses sold exclusively for wholesale customers, Tierra Astur offers its famous smoked cheese in a format that ensure the most economical use of the product.

This block of smoked cheese is made from pasteurised cow’s milk. Its cut is clean and its texture uniform, with a yellowish colour. With a great aroma and smooth flavour, this smoked cheese is highly versatile for presenting on a board of Asturias cheeses, accompanied by nuts and apple jelly. Also use it in salads, with pasta, fish, etc.

It is recommended to remove the product from the refrigerator approximately half an hour before using it. This releases all the flavour and aroma.

Store in the refrigerator.


This Tierra Astur block of cow’s milk cheese is vacuum packed and weighs approximately 1 kg.

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