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A 500 g wedge of the famous Pría three-milk blue cheese, made in one of the most historic cheese factories in the region, founded in 1938. The Pría three-milk blue cheese is highly valued as a versatile cheese that is delicious in salads and on cheese boards. It also has a place as an ingredient in cooked dishes as it adds interesting flavours due to the blend of milks.

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Pría three-milk blue cheese is made from a blend of cow's (50%), sheep's (40%) and goat's (10%) milk; all pasteurised.

It presents a clean cut with an elastic and creamy texture; slightly salty and somewhat sharp in the areas closest to the rind. The aftertaste is very pleasant with a predominance of sheep's and goat's milk.

Pría three-milk cheese is matured for about 45 days; although it depends on each of the cheeses. It has a natural rind and has moulds and some reddish flora. The pasta is semi-hard, buttery and easy to cut. Occasionally it presents blue penicillium flora.

Its inner hue resembles ivory and darkens slightly toward the rind. It is a pleasant, medium-intensity cheese on the mouth.

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