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Spanish salted ham from the front legs of the pig. A rich ingredient to flavour stews of potatoes, beans, chick peas, etc. It can also be broiled, baked or braised with a touch of hot sweet paprika, accompanied by hot boiled potatoes.

The pork lacón is a very versatile ingredient in cooking and very frequent to find in the recipe cookery of Asturias. Add it as an ingredient to flavor your boiled potatoes, beans, chickpeas, lentils ... In this case, we recommend to remove it slightly by putting it in water the day before the day you use it. Thus, you will get an optimum salt point in your dishes that you can always correct at the end.

Exquisite flavour, texture and quality.


“Alvarez” salted ham is packaged in two formats:
• A 350 g piece, ideal for use in stews.
• A 2.5 kg piece, ideal for recipes with cooked ham, roasts, etc.

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