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Supreme quality and totally natural Crivencar cured beef cecina presented in slices for easy serving. It is obtained from the hind quarters of cows over five years old and is made using a traditional process of salting, washing, smoking and curing outdoors for a minimum of eight months.

Crivencar cured beef cecina is presented sliced in 100 gram packs to guarantee the highest product quality and freshness. Ideal for children's snacks, Asturias charcuterie boards or to complement your favourite recipes such as Asturias cured meat and cheese cordon bleu.

Cured beef cecina is a traditional charcuterie sausagemade following traditional artisan techniques to obtain a product of exquisite flavour. For cured meat to be excellent, it must be prepared using the finest raw material and respecting each step of the recipe: profiling, salting, washing, settling, smoking and curing.

The origin of cured beef cecina can be found in the first notes written in "The Ingenious Gentleman Don Quixote de la Mancha" and also in numerous sixteenth-century texts. In fact, cured beef cecina was conceived from the need to provide the families of the villages with food for the entire year and that was also easy to conserve. For this reason, families worked either together or separately at the time of butchering to make cured beef cecina to provide the farmers and herders quality food to endure their long stays in the Asturias mountains.

Once opened, store in the refrigerator.


Crivencar sliced cured beef cecina is presented in 100 g vacuum packs.

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