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Asturias blue cheese made from pasteurised cow’s milk.

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A flavoursome Spanish pâté made naturally with fresh sardines (with the heads and insides removed and de-scaled), ground with tomato, vegetable margarine, potato, olive oil, natural spices and salt.

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A traditional rice dessert made from fresh pasteurised cow’s milk, sugar, rice, cinnamon, lemon, anise and salt, and no kind of additive. Produced using traditional artisan techniques.

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A sparkling cider in a small bottle, 100% natural, made from bitter, sour and sweet apples harvested by Trabanco from its own plantations. Fermented in chestnut barrels, it has a pale yellow and old gold colour.

Llagar Fonciello
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A brut spanish cider made from a careful blend of apples seeking a balance between sweet and sour. It should be served very cold, so that it is refreshing, and perfect to enjoy at any time.

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Delicious spanish rice pudding dessert made from fresh pasteurised cow’s milk, sugar, rice, cinnamon, lemon, anise and salt.

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A smooth Spanish pâté made using traditional artisan methods from high quality Albacore tuna with margarine, milk, eggs, red peppers, spices and salt. No additives or preservatives.

El Gaitero
1,75 €

Original aerated cider made by El Gaitero from Asturias apples and Tempranillo grapes. The result is an innovative drink with a striking pinkish colour that is very refreshing.

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Vinegar made from natural Asturias cider, organically produced with accreditation from the COPAE.  

Salsas Asturianas
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A typical gourmet-quality spicy salsa brava sauce made with olive oil using traditional artisan methods. No added colouring agents.

La Collotense
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Disfruta de este delicioso dulce de arándanos elaborado con un mínimo garantizado de un 60% de fruta natural. Elaborado de manera artesanal y sin colorantes.

La Puela
4,95 €

Honey from the nectar of heather, bramble and chestnut tree flowers in native forests.

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