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Traditional black sausage with onion ideal for preparing on the grill or barbecue and served with garnish of chips and/or salad.

Crivencar selection fresh black sausage is a traditionally-made preserved sausage made with pork in a good balance with pork fat, to which sweet and spicy paprika, garlic and salt are added. It is perfect for cooking on the grill, adding to scrambled eggs or fried and accompanied with your favourite garnish.

Once the black sausage is cooked, the skin covering must be removed before serving it because its resistant casing is for retaining the juiciness of the fresh black sausage until it is cooked.

Fresh black sausage is a reflection of one of the most important village traditions: butchering time, during the San Martín festivities. In fact, even today it is known as the butchering party. One or more families meet around the figure of the matachín and spend several days working on cutting up the animal to guarantee that meat can be added to the family diet.

Keep cold.

*This product is shipped to the Spanish Mainland and Balearic Islands


The Crivencar fresh black sausage is vacuum packed in packages of three units with an approximate weight of 500 grams in total.

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