Tierra Astur

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Spanish pâté made from spider crabs from the Cantabrian Sea using a traditional process to extract the meat for processing. A pâté with a distinctive marine flavour; serve at room temperature with melba toast.

The crab pate is one of the varieties of marine pates that Tierra Astur offers you in productosdeasturias.com. Prepared following traditional canning techniques, it does not incorporate preservatives or additives, which makes this pâté a totally handmade product.

We recommend to consume the product at room temperature, accompanied by toasted bread. You can combine it with the rest of the family of sea paters of Earth Astur: the pate of oricios Tierra Astur and the pate of scorpion Tierra Astur.

Enjoy the combination of the three products in an entry or aperitif of great quality taking advantage of the special price of the Selection of 3 Pates of Sea Earth Astur.

“Tierra Astur” spider crab pâté is packaged in an easy-open 100 g can.

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