Conservas Eutimio

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This Eutimio seafood pâté is made with spider crabs and sea crabs, two of the most renowned seafoods.

Eutimio preserves were first created in 2005 as a natural evolution of the Eutimio Restaurant, which was founded in the fishing village of Lastres back in the 1970s. The inspiration for the creation of this cannery was to bring the best flavours from its stoves to each of its customers.

Eutimio Restaurant is one of the most prestigious and best-regarded establishments within the regional culinary scene. With the good work, humility and tireless commitment of an entire family, more than 30 years ago, Eutimio Busta and Aida Rosales laid the first stone of this project, which has resulted in a family restaurant and delicatessen that is renowned throughout Spain, as is attested by the numerous awards it has received throughout its history.

The Eutimio seafood pâté is presented in a 100 g glass jar. Once opened, store in the refrigerator.

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