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Exclusive London Dry type Gin, distilled in a copper still crafted in Asturias. An aromatic gin, with a sweet and fresh flavour and a noticeable herbal component.


It is ideal to take it cold, on its own or with a neutral tonic with no flavour and thin bubble.

It is a perfect combination with dehydrated fruit or sweet herbs. From Orbayu gin, it is not recommended to mix it with citrus fruits to appreciate better its flavour.

It stands out its exclusive production based on natural plants, with no chemicals nor additional sugars. In addition, the use of water from Somiedo, one of the most balanced from our country, coming from the Natural Park of Somiedo, biosphere reserve.


Orbayu Gin is presented in a recycled glass bottle of 70cl capacity and a 40% volume of alcohol. The bottle has an engraving imitating the fine drops that characterize the Orbayu, a typical rain phenomenon in our region

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