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A pack of ORDUM craft beers including two bottles of Ordum Lager, two bottes of Ordum Red Ale and two bottles of Ordum Stout.

Perfect as a gift for lovers of craft beers or for discovering the flavours of this small Asturias factory that uses mineral water from the Borines spring in its production process.

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Ordum is a small brewery located in Piloña, where mineral water from the Borines spring is used for production. Asturias was also historically a beer region in which production declined in the second half of the 20th century. With the rise of craft beers, there is a resurgence of this sector in the region with some very interesting projects such as Ordum.

When talking about Ordum, the Ca Beleño micro brewery is sure to be mentioned. It is the local place to go for live folk music and it is the origin of where this beer was first produced before it took the great leap to a new manufacturing plant in Piloña.

This variety pack is a great way to try three varieties of this Asturias craft beer: Lager, Red Ale and Stout.

ORDUM LAGER: An almost transparent golden colour and a light alcohol content (between 4 and 4.5º). Low fermentation, maturing in vats for around eight weeks.

ORDUM RED ALE: A highly fermented Irish-style red beer. Unfiltered and not pasteurised. High fermentation; maturing in Cuba for around six weeks.

ORDUM STOUT: Irish stout style beer. With a black appearance, medium body and cinnamon foam crown with a creamy and compact texture. Roasted coffee-reminiscent flavour and dry finish. High fermentation and maturing for six weeks in Cuba.

Serve very cold. recommends responsible consumption.


The ORDUM beer variety pack contains:

- Two 33 cl bottles of Ordum Lager.

- Two 33 cl bottles of Ordum Red Ale.

- Two 33 cl bottles of Ordum Stout.

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