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Nubla is an Asturias craft gin made in the Municipality of Laviana. No sugars are used in its production, nor are artificial colours or flavours added; which means that all the flavours in Nubla gin offer a taste of nature.

Nubla is a high quality, limited-production gin made in a small Asturias distillery that is committed to producing this drink using traditional techniques such as the copper alembic.

NUBLA is a craft gin made using the London Dry technique.

The distillation base is cereal-origin ethanol, which provides it a unique character and enhances the authentic flavour of its botanicals.

Cold macerated with natural botanicals and no artificial aromas or colours used in the distillation process. All the flavour in Nubla comes from nature.

NUBLA is a craft product: a London Dry. Gin of the highest quality, distilled in a state-of-the-art copper alembic and in the traditional way with love, respect and passion.

Nubla has a different character to any gin, it is clean on the nose thanks to the quality of its ethanol. The distinctive botany gives it a unique structure and character.

With a juniper base, there is also Brazil pepper, adding sweet and spicy touches to the flavour. The Hiblisco provides floral notes and the citrus comes from orange and lemon. Cassia rounds out the product to assemble all the botany.

Nubla gin contains 42º alcohol volume. recommends responsible drinking.

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