Monasterio de Corias

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White vermouth made by the Monasterio de Corias winery, from Cangas PDO Wine. The Monasterio de Corias winery is the best known of this designation of origin in southwestern Asturias for having resumed the Benedictine monks' production in the monastery before moving to its winery, practically attached to the historic building, which is now a National Parador.

This Monasterio de Corias white vermouth has a sparkling golden colour, a sign of its long maturity in the barrel. When shaken, it displays a large number of teardrops on the glass, which is due to the long maturity time of the white Albarín grapes during harvest.

On the nose, this vermouth has fresh grape, elderflower, citrus and nectarine notes combined with hints of local botanicals such as fennel, anise and chamomile.

It is honeyed, balanced and enveloping on the palate, reminiscent of fruits such as fig, sultana and apricot.

This vermouth pairs perfectly with all kinds of appetisers such as pickles, nuts and savoury snacks, as well as more elaborate recipes based on cheeses and salted foods.

Serve cold and accompanied by a lemon wedge. This drink contains 15% alcohol volume, please consume it responsibly

It comes in a 75 cl glass bottle.

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