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Pack of three Asturias organically-produced craft beers of the Asgaya brand. Perfect to give as a gift to those who love Asturias beers. The case contains one bottle of blonde beer, one toasted and one black.

This case contains three Asturias organically-produced craft beers guaranteed by COPAE (Asturias Principality Organic Agricultural Production Council):

Asgaya Blonde Kölsch organic beer (33 cl)

With a light yellow hue, this blonde craft beer has character on the mouth, with a pleasant flavour of hops and less aftertaste than a traditional beer.

Alcohol content 5.7º %

Asgaya Toasted Kölsch organic beer (33 cl)

Its intense hop flavour dazzles those who love the most powerful and citrus flavours.

Alcohol content 6.4º %

Asgaya Black organic beer (33 cl)

Its roasted malt aroma is reminiscent of coffee and the flavours are more similar to chocolate and caramel.

Alcohol content 6.3º %

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