Yantar de Pepe

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Ready-to-serve Asturias fabada bean stew made with Asturias PGI beans

Asturias fabada bean stew, considered one of the ten most renowned dishes in Spanish cuisine, first appeared in the 16th century, with the first printed reference in 1884.

Of all stew dishes, Asturias bean stew is the most recognised inside and outside of Asturias and was traditionally served as a leisurely meal, usually at lunchtime, followed by lengthy topical discussions in the best possible company.

The native legume of the region, covered by the Asturias Bean Protected Geographical Indication, belongs to the Phaseolus Vulgaris, L. species, of the traditional “Asturias Farm” variety: healthy, whole, clean, dry and selected by hand, guaranteeing the highest quality of the principal ingredient of this iconic traditional Asturias dish.

El Yantar de Pepe Asturias fabada bean stew contains no allergens and is therefore one of the most perfect gluten-free dishes that can be found in our online Asturias products store. The recipe followed for making this fabada bean stew considers the most important aspect of Asturias cuisine: respect for tradition. Besides being made with white fabada beans covered by the Asturias bean PGI, also it includes the finest chorizo, black sausage and bacon, all Asturias products.

To enjoy one of the most popular stew dishes of Spain, just open the preserved product, packaged in a single serving, place it on a serving dish and heat as desired. Now you can enjoy the most traditional Asturias cuisine anywhere in the world.



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