La Polar

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Real green cabbage, selected and in a natural preserve so you can add it to your Asturias and traditional bean stews. Withan exclusive quality, it can be used in many dishes when cooking, from creams and soups or to chickpea stews with cod or clams.

Green cabbage is an essential ingredient in Asturias bean stews and in countryside soups, but it can also be used in other less conventional dishes and in fine cooking recipes.

Our green cabbage is previously selected to be then cooked in water and salt, naturally preserving it so you can enjoy its intense and authentic taste.

Green cabbage has a high content in water, minerals, fibre and calcium. It has a high nutritional value and a low fat and calorie content. It is a purifying vegetable, has fibre, reduces cholesterol levels and it is an important source of vitamins, especially vitamin C.

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