Tierra del Artesano

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Asturias hotpot is one of the most typical Spanish stews. In this product, Tierra del Artesano offers an exquisite Asturias hotpot made with farm beans, cabbage, potato and top quality chacuterie cuts.

The Asturian hotpot is undoubtedly one of the star dish spoon dishes of Asturias, which is usually consumed at mealtime, and is accompanied as the traditional Asturian fabada with companion Asturian elaborated according to traditional techniques.

The recipe of the Asturian hotpot, in addition to incorporating white beans also includes cabbage, vegetable that gives the cooked an intense and aromatic flavor, different from the fabada and very delicious. It is a dish that has to be served very hot, smoky, so it is recommended to heat it to simmer or to the water bath.

The Asturian hotpot is a dish with character and its own personality, with great roots in Asturias and very frequent in the letters of the most traditional Asturian cider restaurants. Of very ancient origin and also humble, there was a time when it was prepared with chestnuts or turnips. Today, the standardized recipe includes baked beans, cabbage, potato and pork. No preservatives or additives.

The quantity of product is ideal to distribute between 2-3 diners, without forgetting to accompany with a good loaf of bread.

The quantity is ideal for 2-3 diners to share; heat the product in a bain marie, in a saucepan over low heat, or even in the microwave.

“Tierra del Artesano” Asturias hotpot is packaged in an easy-open 750 g can.



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