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24,00 €

A round piece of beef ideal for preparing a traditional Spanish roast recipe; a delicious meal the whole family will enjoy.   

9,20 €

Authentic Spanish veal scallops Asturias PGI prepared in our butchery used for traditional Spanish cuisine.

4,80 €

Fresh sausage typical of Spain, widely cooked whole on the grill. It can also be enjoyed roasted or fried.

10,40 €

Box of two bottles of traditional cider made in the famous Trabanco presses (in Gijón, Asturias) including a cider glass, ideal for pouring.

Llagar Fonciello
11,75 €

High quality Spanish cider, made with 22 varieties of native apple. The pack contains two bottles of Asturias cider, a traditional cider glass and a stopper for easy pouring.  

19,45 €

Original cheese board of traditionally-made “Crivencar” cheeses from Asturias presented on an elegant tray and vacuum packed to guarantee quality and conservation. THIS PRODUCT IS NOT SHIPPED OUTSIDE OF SPAIN.

20,95 €

Selection of three traditionally-made Asturias cheeses presented on a wooden board. Ideal for gifts.

38,85 €

Selection of seven cheeses of Asturias presented on wooden board. Ideal for gifts.

25,20 €

Selection of four cheeses of Asturias presented on wooden board. Ideal for gifts.

84,00 €

ASTURIAS PGI rib-eye steak of the finest quality, obtained from cattle less than twelve months old. Ideal for filleting rib-eye steak fillets to the desired thickness, for cooking on the grill, in a pan or roasting.

7,25 €

A beef cut that is very similar to the T-bone, obtained from the animal’s ribs, tender and juicy. Ideal for grilling or pan frying with a touch of coarse salt, beef short ribs are sold in approximately half kilo pieces.

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