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6,25 €

ASTURIAS PGI diced beef obtained from high-quality, lean animal pieces, in an ideal size for sautéing on the grill or in a pan. Very flavoursome and tender.

154,00 €

Fresh beef of the highest quality obtained from cows older than 48 months. Ideal for cutting into beef rib-eye steaks to prepare on the grill or pan frying.

10,50 €

Asturias beef steak with top quality PGI, perfect for grilling or barbecuing with a light touch of coarse salt and serving with your favourite side dish. Obtained from calves less than twelve months old.<

4,45 €

Supreme quality and totally natural Crivencar cured beef cecina presented in slices for easy serving. It is obtained from the hind quarters of cows over five years old and is made using a traditional process of salting, washing, smoking and curing outdoors for a minimum of eight months.

3,50 €

Traditional black sausage with onion ideal for preparing on the grill or barbecue and served with garnish of chips and/or salad.

55,00 €

A tender and flavourful cut of beef that is ideal for grilling or on the barbecue, with a light touch of coarse salt. It can also be fried rolled up as a scallop and accompanied with your favourite cheese sauce and a potato or salad side.

25,00 €

The Asturias PGI beef roll filled with vegetables, ham and mushrooms.

14,50 €

Authentic Asturias Vacuno Mayor Asturiano fillers expertly cut by the team Productos de Asturias master butchers. Asturias meat of the quality Vacuno Mayor brand is guaranteed by the Asturias Beef Protected Geographical Indication. It is recommended to serve it grilled or fried, with a side of chips or salad and salt to taste.

10,90 €

Asturias Beef sirloin butchered by Productos de Asturias master butchers and from animals of Asturias breeds, born, raised and butchered in the principality.

10,00 €

Enjoy this very special cordon bleu with 100% Asturias flavours and distinguished with the quality brand Alimentos del Paraíso Natural. This is an Asturias cordon bleu made from Asturias Vacuno Mayor beef and filled with TINEO ‘CHOSCO’ PGI CURED MEAT and Ovín Cheese breaded in cornmeal.

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