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Block of traditionally cooked beef tripe with ham and chorizo. Perfect to use in restauration making the best profit of the product, as you can use the portion you need in every moment, and the rest stays refrigerated.

A tripe tapa is always a homage to the Asturias farmers because before we can have tripe on our plates, the farmer had to feed their cows the best pastures and had to breed their cattle with their master knowledge, sacrifice and respect to the environment.

One of the most traditional meat factories in Asturias, O’Villa, which offers great quality products, has prepared this Asturias tripe. They show a great respect towards the traditional Asturias recipes and they use the best ingredients for their dishes.

Asturias tripe is cooked with beef, ham and chorizo. The combination of these three main ingredients, together with the balance given by the paprika and other spices, takes us to those villages and pastures in Asturias where plenty was eaten to have the energy required to work in the fields.

The only thing that has to be done to use the product is to warm up the tripe tapa needed for the number of people eating and to accompany it with a side dish of chips or boiled chickpeas.  

Keep refrigerated.


Asturias O’Villa tripe come in 3.2kg vacuum-packed blocks.



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