Tierra Astur

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These traditional cakes are made in Asturias using completely artisan techniques and with 100% natural ingredients. Ideal for breakfast, coffee time and for your sweet desserts. 

Tierra Astur Suspiros de Siero cakes are made in Asturias following an old traditional recipe whose flavour recalls sensations typical of biscuits made by grandmothers to the delight and enjoyment of the little ones and the not-so-little. The origin of the cakes was also born of necessity because, as legend has it, foods -sweets in this case- were needed that would offer sufficient caloric intake to provide nourishment in the cold winter in Asturias towns.

Tradition has it that the name with this traditional Asturias biscuit was given originates in the sighing (suspiros) of the mothers and grandmothers who were heard in the Asturias homes, waiting for the rest of the family to return home from the exhausting days working in the fields and the cattle farms of Asturias. That is why Suspiros de Siero cakes are seen as the cakes of love for the family, for the effort and recognition of the sacrifice that life demands in Asturias towns and villages.

To make the Tierra Astur Suspiros de Siero cakes, the best quality wheat flour and sugar are used as the main ingredients, blended with a mixture of lard and margarine to obtain a dough that is baked until it reaches the traditional crispy texture of one of the most famous biscuits in Asturias.


Tierra Astur Suspiros de Siero cakes are presented in a personalised cardboard box containing 200 g of product.

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