Tierra Astur

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Delicious Casadiellas pastry fritters made using traditional artisan methods to blend a proportionate mixture of hazelnuts and walnuts with butter and rolled in a fine, wheat flour dough.

One of the most ingrained sweets of Spanish gastronomy are the casadielles, shaped like a fried empanadilla, and made with a mass of wheat flour that is filled with a mixture of walnut and ground hazelnut, to which sugar and anise are added. It is frequent also to find in the market casadiellas of puff, with a slightly different texture, but also of delicious flavor.

The exquisite crunchy touch of this dessert, derived from its filling with nuts, and the sweetness contributed by the sugar of the mixture and the sprinkle, make it an ideal auction for your menus that you can not miss


“Tierra Astur” ‘casadiellas’ pastry fritters are packaged in two formats:
• Box of 12 units.
• Box of 6 units.

The boxes are protected with plastic to guarantee their freshness.

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