Tierra Astur

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Classic Asturias donuts flavoured with anise and made using traditional artisan techniques. Ideal for dessert and to accompany your coffees and infusions.

Tierra Astur anise donuts are a typical Asturias sweet pastry made in Gijón. They are differentiated from other Asturias donuts with the touch of anise that is used in the recipe, a high quality ingredient that distinguishes this product.

It is common to find donuts in all Asturias households throughout the year since it is an easy pastry to make; although it is much more frequent to find them during Easter Week. Their delicate and crispy glaze also makes them one of the sweets recommended for Christmas, as a perfect finish to a good Christmas meal or as a delicious breakfast to start the day with joy.

Tierra Astur anise donuts are made from high-quality wheat flour and egg as the main ingredients, to which sugar, icing sugar and anise are added in different proportions, depending on the recipe.

In Asturias, tradition dictates that the big cook in the kitchen takes care of the dough and that the little ones help to make the donuts from the strips that are obtained from the dough.

The final result is a small crispy pastry with a melting interior that presents typical egg nuances on the palate with a pleasant anise finish that is very balanced and without affecting the flavour of the donut glaze.


Tierra Astur anise donuts are presented in a 200 g format, in a personalised box with 10 homemade donuts inside.

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