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Bienastur mature beef longaniza sausage made from lean mature Asturias beef, pork and La Vera paprika. The mixture is smoked with oak wood and filled in natural casing.

The resulting product is an exquisitely flavoured and unique, quality sausage that is perfect to serve as an appetiser or on a charcuterie board.

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Delicious "Bienastur" Vacuno Mayor longaniza sausage made from beef from cattle raised and slaughtered in Asturias and distinguished with the quality Vacuno Mayor brand, linked to the Asturias Beef PGI.

Bienastur Vacuno Mayor longaniza sausage is made from 60% Vacuno Mayor lean beef and 40% Asturias pork. The meat is seasoned with the famous La Vera sweet paprika and cased in natural gut. This exquisite sausage is smoked with high-quality woods, mainly oak.

Bienastur Vacuno Mayor longaniza sausage is vacuum packed in 400 g pieces. It is recommended to remove the sausage from its packaging at least one hour before use to allow it to air and recover its original flavour.

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