La Aldea

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High quality Asturian cured meats board that includes extra cular chorizo sausage, beef cured meat, cured pork loin, cured bodega serrano ham and cured upper loin. The board has the perfect quantity for four people.

The La Aldea cured meats board includes the perfect amount of high quality traditional Asturian cured meats for four people: cular chorizo, cured pork upper loin and loin naturally smoked with oak wood, real beef cured meat and cured bodega serrano ham. Very convenient to serve, as you will only have to remove the products form the packaging and place them on the serving dish to your taste on wood, glass, steel…

As all the products are vacuum packed, we recommend you to remove them from the packaging one hour before serving. Lactose and gluten free.


La Aldea cured meats board is vacuum packed and weighs 325 grams.

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