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Brut cider made by Sidra Trabanco from a selection of very ripe apples fermented at low temperature in chestnut barrels. An ideal drink to accompany snacks, garden produce and desserts.

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Pecados del Paraíso brut cider is obtained from a selection of sweet and sour and apples; all of them very ripe and fermented at low temperature in casks made of chestnut wood.

This brut cider has fine and constant bubbles and a small amount of tirage liqueur; which provides a balanced structure on the palate.

A bright and clean yellow colour, it delivers fresh aromas and ripe apple notes. On the mouth it leaves a full-bodied sensation and acid and sweet notes stand out perfectly in tune with the carbonic notes.

The pairings proposed for this cider range from appetisers (nuts, canapés, etc), to light meals (salads, fish, seafood, creams, etc) and to accompany all kinds of desserts: sweets, fruits, cheeses, etc.

Productosdeasturias.com recommends responsible consumption.

Pecados del Paraíso Brut cider has 6% alcohol content and is presented in a 75 cl bottle

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